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Snowflake Avalanche

$3,845.00 contributions
55 donors
Snowflake Avalanche is the trade name used by Y York and Mark Lutwak to produce their collaborative projects, including stage plays for adults and for young people, screenplays, teleplays, performance art, and publications. Our first project was Y's play SYCORAX, featuring actress Demene Hall, co-produced with and at 18th & Union in September 2017. This production will be re-mounted in May 2018 at 18th & Union, and then will travel to Valdez, Alaska for the Last Frontier Theatre Conference. Other projects in the works include a NYC production of SYCORAX, Seattle productions of FRAMED and BLEACHERS IN THE SUN, as well as workshops of the musicalsTHE UPSIDE OF DOWN & LUCINDA, as well as a solo performance version of THE LAST PAVING STONE and a puppet version of LITTLE THUMBELINA.
Robin K donated $25.00
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Updates and Donors' Comments


Clicked to watch the newest addition and ended up staying online for three others I'd missed in the series! Intriguing tales, all. And lovel


Love these...brilliant colaboration!


"Lady Who Would Not Give Advice" is brilliant, Y. Our favorite. Hits so many nails on the head you could build a house!


From Merle and Gary: Love your work! Nice to see Nara!