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The Rhapsody Project

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Rhapsody 2.0!

The Rhapsody Project is a community that explores and celebrates music, heritage, and culture through an anti-racist lens. 

As the pandemic finally began to slow it's massive roll, Rhapsody has received an infusion of energy in the form of new volunteer administrators, students, and facilitators, as well as support for our paid internship program, some paid staffing, and even a new website! We're excited to keep the momentum going and to continue building a community that believes, as we do, that:

  • Addressing racism is essential to establishing cultural equity.
  • To establish cultural equity, we must not only acknowledge, but address the ongoing effects of historic injustice.
  • By giving people the space to explore their own cultures, and root themselves in the layers of their identity, we must provide tools for people to explore their heritage.
  • Confronting oppression begins with addressing its effect on our own bodies. 
  • Patriarchy, sexism, deregulated capitalism, consumerism, and persecution of queer people are examples of the systems that help reinforce racism.
  • We interrupt, address, and work to transform these systems through our music, gatherings, programs, and frameworks, often starting with our Layers of Heritage.

Here you can donate toward sliding scale courses and workshops, as well as give to our current campaign to raise $25,000 in general operating funding so we can KEEP. ON. TRANSFORMING.

Thank you for your generous support of The Rhapsody Project!

Anita W donated $250.00
by Anonymous donated $8,000.00
Jennifer C donated $50.00
Sally S donated $50.00
Kristina O donated $50.00
Heather P donated $25.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


For Alastair Moock’s Opening Doors concert/conversation


Love you


Keep up the meaningful work! Love the anti-racist lens. Love that you are creating a sense of belonging for our community.


Thank you!

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