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Poser Productions Presents: As Many Weirdos As Possible

$2,385.00 contributions
23 donors

Poser Productions Presents: As Many Weirdos As Possible (A.M.W.A.P.)

A.M.W.A.P. is a collaborative still life documentary project capturing the legacy of the Seattle that birthed the music the city came to be known for by focusing on the people who made music happen 1985-1995. All the music, all the genres - from hip hop heads to grunge, graffiti writers to record store cashiers - we were the music. And as Seattle continues to evolve into a tech-town and the places where history happened are being displaced, we are honoring the Seattle that was, and helped it become all that it is now.

The name was given to us by Art Chantry, who asked if our plan was to “photograph as many weirdos as possible.” Three Photographers are taking portraits of noteworthy individuals who were influential in Seattle music history in places that tie them to their story. They are also asked to share a favorite memory from this time, in their handwriting as we did pre-Internet, on an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper. These handwritten notes will accompany the individual portraits.
Glen L donated $60.00
Veronika K donated $100.00
Ricardo F donated $1,000.00
Alison P donated $100.00
Melissa M donated $25.00
Damon S donated $25.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Amazing photos and stories. Honoring a pivotal time in Seattle's music and cultural history. Bravo!!


Excited to see my ROCK friends! We had some great times!