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The Dirty Darlings

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The Dirty Darlings are a Seattle-based burlesque troupe creating queer fairytales and generating new works! You can learn more about the Darlings on their instagram @thedirtydarlingspresent
The Darlings are known for their narrative burlesque productions where they treat burlesque as a storytelling device, using it as form of heightened text leaving audiences saying: 

"I felt ridiculously empowered afterwards."
"All of the representation...THANK YOU!"
"Everyone was so joyful in their own skin and it was beautiful and inspiring to watch" 

 Slipper: The Tale of Two Unlikely Cinderellas  April 7th & 8th, 2023 at Theatre Off Jackson.

The Darlings have embarked on their most ambitious project yet! A re-telling of a tale dating back to Ancient Greece, Cinderella. Often told as a story of love at first sight with the evil stepsisters providing a foil to Cinderella's beauty & grace writer and director, Sweety Sunday, has chosen to center The Darling's re-imaginging on the Stepsisters daring to ask "what makes a Cinderella?"

Slipper is a story of power and privilege with Sweety writing "Cinderella" to be a position of political power within the royal court, one that is bestowed upon a new debutante each season at the hand of the Monarch

For this production The Darlings are joined by three guest artists and for the first time ever, The Darlings have cast an ensemble to act as kittens, dancers, & greek chorus. After auditioning over 30+ candidates four artists were cast in this corp-de-ballesque. The Darlings have intentionally chosen to make this role, one that often receives little to no pay in both the burlesque & theatre spheres, the highest paying role in the entire production. The Darlings hope to change the narrative surrounding "the starving artist" & help create opportunities for BIPOC and Queer artists.


A Native Hawaiian and Chinese artist herself, Sweety has cast two Indigenous artists in the roles of 
Monarch and Prince to stand alongside herself in the role of Godmother, grounding this fairytale's political powerhouses in Indigeneity. 

Scarlett Folds, a Mexican-Panamanian powerhouse, will star alongside Lola California in the role of Stepsister in addition to her duties as Movement Director.

Your contribution directly impacts the creation of new Queer fairytales & the livelihood of Queer artists in Seattle. 
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