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Seattle Arts and Culture for Antiracism

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SACA exists to dismantle how white supremacy shows up in the arts and culture world by advancing and supporting anti-racist work both in Seattle and beyond. We build power with Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), whose voices and experiences inform every aspect of this work, to create a more racially equitable arts and culture community.


SACA envisions an arts and culture sector that is actively anti-racist, representative of BIPOC communities in leadership, staff, donors and audience and who is committed to dismantling white supremacy culture and other systems of oppression that harm all of our communities.


  • Justice – We acknowledge art as a form of social justice and choose to use its power to transform systems of oppression. We will continue to challenge the status quo and fight for equitable access to power, resources and opportunity. 
  • Equity – We lead all aspects of this work through an equity lens in recognition of the disproportionate impact racism and oppression has on BIPOC and other marginalized identities.
  • Collaboration – We agree to build power with BIPOC communities, not over. We commit to doing our own work as individuals and not depending on other folxs to do it for us, especially BIPOC. We are committed to lifelong learning & the undoing of how white supremacy shows up in ourselves.
  • Courage – We will be bold and speak truth to power. Our solidarity will be actionable and intentional.
  • Respect – We are committed to being active listeners that lead with empathy rather than shame. We are in mutual agreement that we will not question racism, either in practice or in theory. We agree to call ourselves and others in when we cause harm.
  • Authenticity – We celebrate the diversity within and outside of this Cohort. We are committed to maintaining a safe space for folxs to show up as their full selves regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, citizenship status, religion or language.
  • Accountability – We will take responsibility when we perpetuate harm. We center the experiences of BIPOC and are responsible to those communities. The work of the cohort will be transparent and adhere to our Mission, Vision and Values in every way.
  • Community – We are committed to dismantling white supremacy culture together. We acknowledge the disproportionate emotional labor BIPOC folxs carry in this work and agree not to exploit it, but carry it as a collective.

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Updates and Donors' Comments


I love working with SACA and am so grateful for the work they do with my organization and with the larger community.


Seattle Opera's 2024 support of SACA


Thank you SACA! From AIE Seattle


I love working with SACA and am so grateful for the work they do with my organization and with the larger community.