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Noveltease Theatre

$7,566.00 contributions
84 donors
Noveltease Theatre produces contemporary burlesque plays, blending neo-burlesque styling with the theatrical roots of burlesque theatre in the 1880s. Though a combination of text and dance, we seek to embody literature and create shared community around storytelling. We stage unique burlesque adaptations of classic works of theatre and literature in order to reclaim and rework the canon from a sex-positive, queer, and feminist standpoint that enlivens and transforms classic works for contemporary audiences.
Catherine K donated $15.00
by Anonymous donated $50.00
McLean S donated $25.00
Hans F donated $50.00
Andrew H donated $66.60
victoria o donated $150.00

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DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA -Andrew and Elayne


Looking forward to the season!


“Yea, and if some god shall wreck me in the wine-dark deep, even so I will endure… For already have I suffered full much, and much have I to


Cirque Du Strange