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Punderneath It All—Documentary Film


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What is a pun?
A pun is the humorous use of a word or words in such a way as to suggest different meanings or applications. A pun is also a comedic tool that is currently having a big moment in pop culture and in our national cultural conversation—as of 2022, over a dozen pun competitions exist across the US where punsters present monologues and compete head to head to out-pun one another and earn acclaim for their wit, knowledge, and comedic timing. Imagine a rap battle, but competitors just… make puns.
Throughout our story, we meet an endearing and eclectic cast of characters—there’s Forest, Seattle’s pun slam hostess who lives in a refurbished school bus and is working to expand her pun empire across the Pacific Northwest; David, a world-ranked chess champion whose apartment is filled with pun-themed paraphernalia; Annica, creator of “The Punderground” in Spokane and a political activist who uses the platform of pun competitions to address topics such as the Me Too movement; Chris, an anthropologist of pop culture who was raised in a multilingual household which primed him for a lifetime of loving puns; and Adam, a producer in LA who epitomizes “dad jokes” and attempts a pun-filled standup comedy routine for the first time.
Laughter is medicine, especially in our current societal and political climate. Buckle in for the most pun ride of your life.

We're currently fundraising to complete post production—the film's picture is locked, and we need funds to pay for score composition, sound mix, and a colorist. Check out to learn more about the project! THANK YOU!


Jesse R donated $20.00
Abigail H donated $3,000.00
Tim H donated $1,000.00
by Anonymous donated $4,000.00
Abigail H donated $5,000.00
Kevin H donated $200.00

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I am so proud of your work.


This film needs to be out in the world.