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Scarfff Comics Newspaper

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Scarfff believes that all artists should have the opportunity to share their ideas and stories. A free quarterly comics anthology, Scarfff solicits work from all artists creating work in the medium of comics and narrative illustration and is available to readers at no cost. Run by artists for artists, Scarfff is created to be an avenue for artists to publish their art uncensored and have a safe space to experiment with their work. Through distributing a free publication, we seek to make comics available to anyone who wants to read them exposing new readers to the art form. We allow any artist to submit to and have work published in Scarfff, creating a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for  comic artists. The paper is published locally in Seattle, which also supports small businesses who are important members of the arts community.
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Scarfff!!! Donation for April Issue from the Birdcage!


Art forever!


Scarfff MUST LIVE!!!!!


This is very late!