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Adaptive and Inclusive Movement (AIM) Initiative


AIM Mission:

The Adaptive and Inclusive Movement (AIM) Initiative is a grassroots organization that works to address systemic barriers faced by people with disabilities, especially children, teens, and young adults. AIM’s mission is to engage people with disabilities by providing opportunities to express and connect through creative movement in an inclusive environment. We are seeking donations to expand our program to address an inequitable gap in opportunities for youth with disabilities to have recreational and social activities outside of school alongside typically developing youth.

“All I want for my daughter is a place where they will accept and appreciate her unique qualities and gifts. What she gives can’t be monetized, but it’s priceless to those who recognize it.”

Who we serve:

The systemic barriers faced by people with disabilities begin in childhood. As compared to their neuro-typical peers, children, and young adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) have far fewer opportunities for recreation, sports, and out-of-school enrichment activities and very limited places to form social relationships outside the home.

Another critical member of the community that we serve is the parent or guardian of youth with disabilities. The parents of children, teens, and young adults with disabilities are exhausted and depleted. We offer a moment of respite, which provides renewed energy to the parent and in turn supports healthy and positive relationships for youth. Parenting a disabled child is a 24/7 responsibility. Respite is critical in supporting the well-being of everyone in this equation.

Parents need respite along with a solid and supportive community of like-minded individuals.  These programs offer parents the opportunity to connect with other parents and support one another with information about services, medical treatment, school-related services, and social connections and support. 

A key feature of our Adaptive Movement Programs is the engagement of numerous teen peers as the volunteers who support and engage with the dancers. By providing neuro-typical youth the experience of interacting with the disability community, in particular their same-age peers, this cohort of teens and young adults will be the ones to create more safe and welcoming environments for everyone in their communities going forward. 

Please view this slide show to see why we are focused on adaptive movement. 

“AIM is the kind of opportunity that we wish for but never expected to be granted. AIM offers Maggie so many opportunities in one setting, it is truly a gift. At AIM Maggie moves (no small feat) and interacts with peers from within and outside of the special needs community. The teachers and volunteers are welcoming and positive. As many within the special needs community know well, life with a disability can be incredibly isolating. Maggie has made so many connections with old friends and new these past few months. Her mental and physical health are nourished, and she is thriving. Additionally, the opportunity to use DDA funding to support Maggie’s participation feels like such a wonderful support. Maggie has had DDA support for many years but is rarely able to use the help because the best opportunities do not help families to use the funding that makes the difference between sitting out and taking part. We feel so fortunate to have found AIM.”

Contact Us:
3012 NE Blakeley St
Seattle, WA 98105

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