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We provide training, support and networking opportunities for today's - and tomorrow's - arts entrepreneurs.

Get Your Questions Answered

As you're thinking about how to turn your idea into reality, Shunpike can point you in the direction of resources you're looking for. Our Arts Business Clinic consultants are engineered to get your questions answered by an expert.

Seek Funding for Your Project

Fiscal sponsorship - accessing grants and donations through a partnership with Shunpike - may be the right fit for your emerging idea.

Interested in Establishing a Creative Enterprise?

Our Storefronts program provides opportunities for artists interested in trying out their enterprising ideas in real storefronts. Whether it's a gallery, dance school, studio, or a pop-up performance space or museum, the Storefronts program could be just the leg-up you need to build your new creative enterprise.


We help arts groups stay nimble with support in their operations, fundraising and strategic development.

We work with arts groups of all kinds - from theatre companies to literary cohorts to dancers, filmmakers, educators and more. We support arts groups at any point in their evolution - when they're first starting out, through transition or indefinitely.

Your Administrative Partner

Currently, we fiscally sponsor nearly 200 arts groups across Washington State. For more than half of them, we provide full back-office services through our Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship - providing each group with a combination of bookkeeping, donor management, licensing and other administrative functions.

Your Strategic Advisor

Through our Arts Business Clinic, Shunpike provides quick consultation sessions and guided workshops for arts groups and individuals.


Increase your city's cultural capital with our Storefronts program.

All places have creative potential just waiting to flourish. Supporting local artistic talent and assets increases the value in, and commitment to, the local community.  Grassroots by design and fundamentally based in local economy and culture, Shunpike is the model for activitating the creative capital of your community - no matter what resource level.


Our storefront activiation program brings energy to vacant retail corridors through short-term rentals to art projects.

Supporting Creative Enterprise

Shunpike's fiscal sponsorship and back-office administration nurture emerging creative busiensses. Find out how we can support these businesses in your area.