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Seattle Composers Alliance


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The Seattle Composers Alliance (SCA) is a collective of music creators who compose for film, games, live performance, commercial media, personal artistic expression, and sheer love of the craft. Our composers’ music represents a boundless array of genres, cultures, and influences...just like the city we serve.

Coming together from many backgrounds and disciplines, our members share, learn and support each other's artistic journey. With a 20+ year history, the SCA has evolved from a small and exclusive professional club to embrace the entire music creator community. The SCA strives to offer a variety of opportunities for growth and advancement to our music creators.

Under our Mission Statement’s banner of Community, we host Monthly Meetups and an Annual Meeting to connect artists to their peers in a fun atmosphere. We produce a Monthly Newsletter packed with important industry news, featuring a Spotlight featuring a local music creator. Our social media community is continuallyexpanding thanks to our presence on Facebook, Instagram and

Under the banner of Education, we offer an ongoing series of speakers on a wide array of topics, and a monthly Feedback Forum where artists share and critique works in progress as a group. We are constantly planning and offering new opportunities for our members to learn and develop their skills.

Under the banner of Opportunity, we offer a Find-A-Composer tool on our website, maintain an SCA Playlist of our composers’ works on SoundCloud, publish calls for music and scores, and are spearheading new programs where composers can meet and collaborate on new music projects.

Moving forward, the SCA is excited to roll out more initiatives that connect us to the rest of Seattle's rich and varied artistic community. We are proud to provide resources to all who seek original music for their projects, and to continue to be an inclusive, unbiased organization. We look forward to supporting the revitalization of Seattle's music venues by providing opportunities for local music creators to share their creations publicly.

We wish to spotlight Seattle’s place on the world’s musical stage by promoting our beautiful mélange of musical styles and demonstrating what a truly united and strong community of music creators can sound like.

Updates and Donors' Comments




Such a wonderful opportunity for local composers; thank you to SCA and KO Sextet for Live Sessions.


For International Women’s Day Live Sessions. Thanks for playing my piece!


Live Sessions!