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Seattle Art Cars

Seattle Art Cars is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization of car artists and art car enthusiasts. Our mission is to promote awareness of art cars as an art form and cultural phenomenon. Art cars represent a relatively little-known type of folk art or street art, rarely appearing in galleries or museums. They are typically created not by professional artists or car customizers, but rather by "just plain folks" as an act of public self-expression.

Once a year, we produce the Seattle Art Car Blowout (SACBO), where tens of thousands of visitors to the annual Fremont Fair get closeup views of dozens of art cars, and have an opportunity to talk with their creators. SACBO has become the West Coast's largest public gathering of art cars, and we're happy that the 20-year history of the event has made Seattle something of a mecca for North American car artists. We work hard to assist far-flung creators in making the cross-country journey to SACBO in their eye-popping vehicles. They travel here to exchange art car technique and culture with Seattle's local art car contingent during the event, while helping us answer the public's enthusiastic questions during the Fremont Fair and out on the streets. We're proud to know that our efforts have led to the creation of a number of new art cars as a result of someone encountering an existing art car, either at SACBO itself or bound for Seattle along some distant highway.
We're funded almost entirely by donations, and a significant portion of those funds comes to us from individual donors like you. Donations to us are tax-deductible. Your contribution helps us to host out-of-town car artists during SACBO and to reimburse their considerable fuel expenses in making the round trip to Seattle. We're deeply grateful for your help in keeping this Seattle tradition rolling forward!

Seattle Art Cars is powered by Shunpike, a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that provides independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success.

Updates and Donors' Comments


Thanks for organizing!!


Thanks for making this a more joyful ride for so many folks, Dale!


An awesome event!


Princess Sparklepony is ready to ride!