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Penguin Productions


Our Mission
To provide cost-free theater to youth and families, building community and elevating the artistic autonomy of youth in Seattle. 

 Our Vision
To nurture creativity, passion and empathy through theater.

To expand the capacity for personal and communal engagement.

To serve our community through inclusive collaboration.

To provide professional opportunities in theater arts education, directing, marketing, communications, and development to emerging artists.

What We Do
We foster the belief that people of all ages and experience levels can be theater artists.

There's a wealth of creative energy in our midst, and even with all the programming in this city, much of that energy continues to go untapped, unharnessed, and play out in isolation. We meet a need for flexible, responsive, inclusive collaboration that builds both community and individuals.

We offer every opportunity without financial obligation. Your voluntary donations allow for all-access classes, workshops, and productions.

Youth have acted in full productions, chosen their own material for in-depth analysis and performance, designed independent projects, discussed theater from a multiplicity of perspectives, interviewed diverse theater professionals, and participated in small teams in Seattle's arts scene as theatergoers and commentators. 

Parents have had unique opportunities for authentic, meaningful discussions with their kids about Shakespeare, contemporary social issues, and personal development. Families, teachers, neighbors, and others have come together in celebration of community. New artistic, professional, and social connections have been made in and around Penguin Productions
"The culture you create brings out the best in each of us who participate."

"For many kids, you change the equation from failing to thriving."

"There aren't a lot of organizations that will take a chance on a young artist, that will say 'yes' to a strong idea and help make it happen."

"The show was smart, original, funny, and so well-done."

"...a community based on a strong vision of supporting kids and emerging adults through meaningful theater events."

"Thank YOU for the show. I have to say it was the most thoroughly entertaining political satire we’ve seen in a long time. You did a great job, integrating the whole spectrum of talent into a delightful show that hopped."

"There are lots of places to do theatre, but there aren't a lot of communities like this one."

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Here's to you, Shana!


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Educating children into the arts makes them better citizens.


We are happy to help support I and You! Congratulations, Daisy Love, Aunt Susie and Uncle Mark