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DAIPANbutoh Collective

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DAIPANbutoh Collective in Chile—October 2018!

"Corporate" dancers: Sheri Brown, Diana (Dhyana) Garcia-Snyder, Erica Akiko Howard, Joan Laage, Kaoru Okumura, and Helen Thorsen. Not pictured: Joan Laage. Photo: Kenneth Huntington.

For the last nine years, DAIPANbutoh Collective has worked together in the Pacific Northwest, fulfilling our mission to create stimulating, provocative, and exceptional butoh experiences and opportunities for audiences and artists. We have brought many regional, national, and international butoh artists here to the Seattle area. 
Now for the first time as a collective, we are closing the loop and taking our own work abroad. In October 2018, we are headed to Chile to perform our new full-length work, "Corporate," at FIBUTOH, the Festival International de Butoh in Santiago, Chile! (Check out the sneak peek below.)
The Chilean producers of FIBUTOH are supporting our housing and food in Santiago, but the money for flights comes out of our individual pockets. We are asking for your support for our airfare between Seattle and Santiago.
Donations at this summer’s Seattle International Butoh Festival 2018 raised 3% of the $9000 we need for all six dancers. Now is the perfect time to give and help us cover our airfares in full!
In addition to the tax deduction and the warmth in your heart for doing something good, you will be named in our post-Chile DAIPAN newsletter under the following titles, declaring our deep gratitude for helping us get to our destination!
$50 Deep Breath, Gentle Smile
$100 Pleasure Meditation, Floating Walk
$200 Exploding Joy, Water Streamer
$300 Sky's the Limit, Moon Flight
We’ll also let you know when we perform “Corporate” in the Seattle area during our 2018-2019 season.
Matching donations: If your employer provides matching funds, please address them to Shunpike c/o DAIPANbutoh Collective. (Shunpike is our fiscal sponsor, and they need to know that the donation is meant for us.)


About “Corporate”

Created & performed by DAIPANbutoh Collective members Sheri Brown, Diana (Dhyana) Garcia-Snyder, Erica Akiko Howard, Joan Laage, Kaoru Okumura, and Helen Thorsen. Original music by noisepoetnobody

Six dancers struggle for the top of the pecking order—sometimes collaborating, sometimes competing, and sometimes just marching to their own tune—while time is always running away from them.

“Corporate” takes a compelling and darkly comic look at the pressure cooker of modern life. What price do we pay for the money we earn? What happens when we break out of the cubicle and free ourselves from the obsession to succeed at all costs?

The piece reflects concerns about economic inequality, abuse of power, and the failure of corporate social responsibility.
“Corporate” was first a duet by Helen Thorsen and Kaoru Okumura (2013). DAIPAN later developed “Corporate” in a series of smaller performances (Seattle City Hall, Art/Not Terminal Gallery, Seattle International Dance Festival). After deciding to expand “Corporate,” DAIPAN worked with guest artist Mushimaru Fujieda (thanks to support from the Morgan Foundation), and continued to develop the piece in the unique collective directorial dynamic that is DAIPANbutoh.

DAIPANbutoh Collective’s mission is to bring stimulating, provocative, and exceptional performances, workshops and forums to the diverse communities of the Northwest and beyond. Empowering local and global artists, we provide opportunities for national and international artists to work together in an environment for growth, creativity and transformation.

DAIPANbutoh Collective is fiscally sponsored by Shunpike. Your contribution will be received by Shunpike on behalf of and held exclusively for DAIPANbutoh Collective. As a fiscally-sponsored program of Shunpike, DAIPANbutoh Collective benefits from 501(c)3 non-profit status. Your contribution is fully tax deductible.
~ Thank you! ~
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