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We are very excited to announce that we're embarking on a campaign to raise funds to produce an evening-length work this coming Fall 2019! 

In lieu of our annual participation in GiveBig, Splinter Dance Company is focusing our energies on producing an evening-length show, which will include NEW, socially impactful, and exciting work!  Our passion lies in confronting social issues though dance and theater as a way to promote lasting change and healing.


Our monetary goal, to cover production costs for a weekend-run of performances, is $5,000 ~ Please join us and help get this show off the ground! 

Consider joining our mailing list to keep abreast of the Fall performance dates and locations or check out our social media pages for regular updates!

ajusticenetwork’s goal is to foster a network of like-minded people to reach an ever-expanding audience base and interconnect diverse people and artistic disciplines for the purpose of social change. Art is born out of our encounters with the world around us; landscapes, politics, people, conversations, emotions, and reactions, followed by reflection, arrangement and finally production. By facilitating the process of networking and the creation of artistic works; by bringing inspiring performances to audiences worldwide, ajusticenetwork is able to fulfill not only its mission, but more importantly the needs of recipient communities.
As a production company dedicated to encouraging the success of all it comes into contact with, ajusticenetwork is excited to watch this network grow, and to be a part of the healing social change that all our productions champion.

Splinter Dance Company, a program of ajusticenetwork, uses dance and movement-theater in their educational work (including, but not limited to, the Diversity Dance repertoire), confronting the issues of racism, sexism, violence, the needs of the poor and the importance of unity in diversity. In addition to performing the Diversity Dance repertoire for schools and community events, Splinter can also be hired to create theme-specific performances for corporate clients and private events. Splinter's repertoire ranges in styles from hip‐hop and breakdance, to lyrical, salsa, contemporary and jazz and even Bollywood. Splinter mentors local high school youth and works directly w/ satellite groups around the state offering workshop programs to groups interested in developing theater, dance, choreography, and performance skills.
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Updates and Donors' Comments


For your continuing love and support, not only shown to me but to the community and everyone Splinter touches! Also, for all the sweet dance


Hoping to one day see a live performance😍


To Justice and Robin you’re passion is my Knight of the Shining Armor🙏🙏🙏


Can't wait to see the show! Hope this helps!