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Tint Dance Festival

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The Tint Dance Festival is an annual dance performance celebrating dancers/people of color. By creating a festival focused on people of color, the festival seeks to raise the critical consciousness around diversity and representation in the greater Seattle community, so that artists and audiences will be inspired to dialogue about their own diverse experiences around identity.

Donations to the Tint Dance Festival helps to pay the operational costs of the festival (venue rental, technical staff), rehearsal time, and artist payment.

Tint Dance Festival 2018
The First Annual Tint Dance Festival will be February 9-10, 2018 at the Erickson Theater in Seattle (Capitol Hill). A fantastic group of choreographers have been select. See their extensive bios on the Tint Dance Festival website,

In addition to the new works of these talented choreographers, Tint Dance Festival has invited two local professional dance companies. These dance companies share similar missions to Tint in regards to supporting people of color. We've announced the commitment of Au Collective ( The second company will be announced soon.

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TINT is amazing!


Here's to next year's Tint Fest!


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